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Job Overview:

Hall Hunter Partnership, a leader in the UK’s fruit farming sector, proudly announces openings for Seasonal Farm Worker positions complete with visa sponsorship. This opportunity is tailored for those who have a passion for agriculture and are keen to engage in the cultivation of premium-quality fruits. These positions are not just jobs; they are gateways to acquiring hands-on experience in one of the UK’s most established and respected farming enterprises.


Job Responsibility:

As a Seasonal Farm Worker at Hall Hunter Partnership, you will play a crucial role in various aspects of our farming operations. Responsibilities include:

Crop Cultivation and Harvesting: Actively participate in the planting, tending, and harvesting processes of various fruit crops.
Quality Control: Ensure that the fruits meet our high-quality standards, inspecting them for optimal health and ripeness.
Farm Machinery Operation: Utilize and maintain farm equipment, contributing to the efficiency and safety of farm operations.
Team Collaboration: Work closely with fellow workers and supervisors to create a productive and harmonious work environment.
Compliance with Health & Safety Regulations: Adhere strictly to all health and safety guidelines to ensure a safe working environment for everyone on the farm.

Job Requirements:

To be successful in this role, applicants should demonstrate:

A strong interest in and commitment to agricultural work.
Ability to perform physically demanding tasks and work in various weather conditions.
Basic knowledge of farming practices is preferred, but not mandatory.
Good teamwork and communication skills.
Eligibility to work in the UK, with visa sponsorship available for qualifying international candidates.

Education and Experience:

No specific educational qualifications are required. We value dedication, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn over formal education in agriculture. Training will be provided to all new employees to ensure they are well-prepared for their roles.

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Choosing to work with Hall Hunter Partnership offers numerous benefits:

Competitive wages.
Comprehensive training in fruit farming techniques.
Visa sponsorship for eligible international candidates.
Accommodation support.
An opportunity to work in some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside locations.

How to Apply:

Ready to start your journey in agricultural excellence with Hall Hunter Partnership? Please visit our website at Hall Hunter Careers to learn more about the application process, the roles available, and additional information about our farms.


Joining Hall Hunter Partnership as a Seasonal Farm Worker is an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. You will be contributing to the UK’s vital agricultural sector, acquiring new skills, and experiencing life in one of the most picturesque parts of the country. Embrace this chance to be part of a team that is passionate about producing quality fruits and providing superior produce to consumers.


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