Farm Workers Jobs in Canada

Job Overview:

Warwick Orchards & Nursery Ltd., a renowned fruit cultivation and nursery business in Canada, is expanding its team and is welcoming applications from international candidates passionate about fruit farming. This unique opportunity allows individuals to experience the heart of Canada’s fruit agriculture sector. With our visa sponsorship program, Warwick Orchards & Nursery Ltd. is reaching out to skilled fruit farm workers globally.


Job Responsibilities:

Assist in planting, pruning, and cultivating fruit trees and bushes.
Harvest fruits according to maturity specifications.
Operate and maintain farm machinery specific to fruit cultivation.
Engage in activities such as thinning to ensure high-quality fruit yield.
Apply fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides under guidance to protect and nourish fruits.
Pack, sort, and label fruits for distribution while ensuring they meet quality standards.
Maintain records of harvested produce.
Follow safety guidelines and use protective gear when required.

Job Requirements:

Prior experience in fruit farming or a related field is advantageous.
Ability to perform physical tasks and work under varying weather conditions.
Knowledge or willingness to learn about specific fruit cultivation techniques.
Adherence to instructions and ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
Effective communication skills in English.
A valid passport and the necessary documentation for visa procedures.


Visa Sponsorship: Warwick Orchards & Nursery Ltd. takes care of visa sponsorship for eligible candidates, ensuring a smoother transition to Canada.
Competitive Remuneration: An attractive salary package based on skills and experience.
Accommodation Aid: Support in finding suitable housing in proximity to the orchard.
Health Benefits: Comprehensive health insurance coverage.
Learning Curve: On-job training opportunities and workshops for skill enhancement.
Experience Canadian Life: Dive into the Canadian way of life, rich in cultural diversity and scenic beauty.

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How to Apply:

If you’re eager to become a part of our team, please visit our official website to fill out the application form and submit your updated resume. Ensure all your documents are organized and current for a seamless application experience.


Warwick Orchards & Nursery Ltd. extends a warm invitation to international fruit farm enthusiasts to contribute to Canada’s vibrant fruit agriculture scene. With our visa sponsorship offering, we are committed to facilitating global talent and ensuring they feel at home in Canada. Join us and grow your career amidst the fruitful landscapes of Warwick Orchards & Nursery Ltd.

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