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Are you an ambitious international student with dreams of pursuing an MBA in the United States? Have you been scouring the internet for information on scholarships and financial aid opportunities to help make your dream a reality?

Look no further! On this page are List of Fully funded MBA scholarships in USA for international students.

We understand that studying abroad, especially in a country like the United States, can be quite expensive. The good news is that numerous scholarships are available specifically for international students like you.

In this comprehensive post, we’ll share a carefully curated list of MBA scholarships in the USA available to foreigners. Not only that, but we’ll also provide you with details on each scholarship, including the requirements and the application process.

Let’s explore the exciting world of MBA scholarships in the USA for international students!

MBA Scholarship in USA

The MBA scholarship in USA offer the students a full or partial tuition fee waiver. In some cases, the college may provide various allowances to the students.

MBA in USA is one of the most popular programs among international students. The MBA scholarships in USA can be categorized into two types:

  • Need based scholarships: These scholarships are provided to the enrolled students with demonstrated financial need.
  • Merit-based scholarships: These scholarships are provided to the meritorious students from the pool of enrolled applicants.

List of MBA Scholarships in USA 2023/24

Following are some of the top business schools in USA and the MBA scholarships provided by them.

Harvard Business School MBA Scholarships

Harvard Business School provides need-based scholarships and complementary fellowships to the students. The needs of each student are determined by socioeconomic background, gross income from three years and assets. The amount provided is around $40,000 per year. The HBS alumni contribute to these scholarships.

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Harvard University also provides complementary fellowships to the students who are eligible for the same. Some of the fellowships provided by the university are as follows:

FellowshipEligibilityAmount in USD
John C. Phelan Forward FellowshipStudents from low-income backgrounds having financial obligations30,000
Horace W. Goldsmith FellowshipDemonstrated leadership in Non-profit sector10,000
George Leadership FellowshipStudents having demonstrated leadership skills and have made an impact10,000
The Robert S. Kaplan Life Sciences FellowshipStudent with demonstrated experience and commitment to life sciences20,000

The Wharton School MBA Scholarships

The Wharton School provides several fellowship opportunities to the deserving students through donors, corporate, foundations etc. All the applicants are considered for the fellowships. The fellowships are provided based on the application of the candidate, background, academic achievement, professional achievement and community involvement. Some of the fellowships provided by the University of Pennsylvania are as follows:

Joseph Wharton FellowshipStudents with outstanding academic records, personal achievements and professional achievements
Emerging Economy FellowshipsStudents from emerging economies
Prism FellowshipStudent who is member and demonstrates leadership in support of LGBTQIA community
Social Impact FellowshipStudents who have demonstrated leadership in nonprofit sectors or public sectors

MIT Sloan School of Management MBA Scholarships

MIT Sloan School of Management scholarships are divided into two categories. Under one category, these fellowships do not require a separate application and the students are eligible for the fellowships while applying. The other category of the fellowships requires separate applications from the students. Some of the MIT scholarships which do not require any application are as follows:

  • Samsung fellowship
  • Verma family fellowship
  • Stone masters fellowship for women
  • Nath fellowship
  • And many more
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The fellowships requiring additional application from the aspirants are as follows:

McKinsey AwardAll incoming students10,000 USD
Legatum FellowshipFinancial assistance for entrepreneurial assistanceVaries
Lemann Education Fellowshipallvaries

Kellogg School of Management MBA Scholarships

Kellogg School of Management provides both need based scholarships and merit-based scholarships to the MBA students. All the admitted students are automatically considered eligible for the merit-based scholarships. For the need-based scholarships, the students have to fill an extra form while applying. Some of the scholarships awarded by Northwestern University are as follows:

Charles J. Schaniel ScholarshipAwarded to student with interest or background in accounting
Diversity scholarshipExtraordinary students from underrepresented backgrounds to add diversity to the college
Donald P. Jacobs International ScholarshipAwarded to strong international students
Frederick C. Austin ScholarshipsStudents having strong academic background, demonstrated leadership and have made a community impact
Healthcare at Kellogg ScholarshipStudent interested to pursue a career in healthcare

Columbia Business School MBA Scholarships

Columbia Business School provides both need-based and merit-based scholarships to international students who apply to the college. There are a wide range of need-based scholarships and merit-based scholarships available at the college. The need-based scholarships provided by the college are as follows:

  • Laidlaw foundation scholarship (financial assistance to outstanding female students)
  • Business School Alumni Scholarship Fund
  • Class of 2000 Scholarship
  • MBA Scholarship
  • And many more.

The merit-based scholarships provided by the college are as follows:

Merit-basedAll students applying20,000 USD
Perelman ScholarshipStudents from underrepresented race, ethnic, socio-economic groupsVariable
Columbia Fellows’ ProgramDemonstrated leadership, innovation, creativity skillsFull or partial tuition fee waiver
Columbia Business School Board China and India FellowshipsExceptional academic and professional commitment from India and ChinaVariable

Tuck School of Business MBA Scholarships

Tuck School of Business provides various scholarships, fellowships and sponsorships to the students applying to the business school. The b-school provides need-based scholarships to the students based on their applications. The scholarship amount ranges from $10,000 to full tuition fee waiver.

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Tuck School of Business also provides many types of fellowships to the students. Some of these fellowships are as follows:

  • Consortium for Graduate Study in Management Fellowship
  • Reaching out MBA fellowship

The college also offers sponsorships from many companies. These sponsorships help the students to reduce their MBA cost.

How to Apply for the MBA Scholarships in USA

Students applying to universities are automatically considered eligible for merit-based scholarships. While for the need-based scholarships, students have to apply separately. Need based scholarships are provided to the students having financial needs and they have to verify the needs. The needs are verified through the following ways:

  • Through bank statements
  • Tax returns filed in the home country
  • Assets
  • Socio-economic background
  • Country of residence.

Universities offering MBA in USA verify the background of the students before providing them scholarships. A student should demonstrate financial needs for need-based scholarships. For merit-based scholarships the students should have excelled in academics, professional career and in extracurricular activities.

Remember that each scholarship may have specific requirements, so it’s essential to visit their official websites and carefully read the eligibility criteria and application guidelines. Additionally, for school-specific scholarships, visit the financial aid page of the business school you’re interested in and follow their application process.

It’s important to remember that securing a scholarship can be a competitive process. It requires dedication, research, and preparation to present yourself as the ideal candidate. As you explore the various opportunities, remember to take note of application deadlines, specific eligibility criteria, and any additional requirements. By being organized and thorough in your approach, you’ll increase your chances of success.

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